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“At La Fromigère, our mission is to offer our guests a haven of peace where the authenticity of the Charente countryside blends with modern comforts.”

Antoine Dumas
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Domaine de la fromigère

A historical heritage

Domaine de La Fromigère is a fully renovated 18th-century farmhouse.

In 2018, the Domaine opens its doors and offers 5 renovated gîtes for holidaymakers. By 2023, more than 10 gîtes and function rooms will be available to rent all year round for large groups, parties and seminars.

Since 1727, La Fromigère has been a gentleman's residence in the commune of Sainte-Gemme, owned by the small nobleman Pierre-Hector-Aymar de La Fromigère. With use, La Fromigère gave way to the term "Frémigère", which accompanied the transformation of this small country château into an agricultural estate. Over a century ago, Frémigère was taken over by the ancestors of the current owners, and farming ceased around 2010.
La vieille époque.
Frémigère farm
From the 2000s onwards, the estate was divided between the heirs of André Péguin. To restore this Charente heritage, La Fromigère was bought in 2010 by a branch of the Dumas family, and work could finally begin!
Jadis quand c'était vraiment une ruine.
The Domaine ruins
The first renovation work begins.  The main wing and the former farmhouse mark the first stage, with the creation of several dwellings around the central courtyard, which will feature a swimming pool.
Les débuts des rénovations, on avait aucune thune mais c'était cool.
Start of work
Between 2012 and 2018, 9 homes are being renovated by local craftsmen using environmentally-friendly practices (water management, old-fashioned whitewash, etc.).
Premier gîte à être rénové, des toilettes de qualité supérieure.
The first gîtes
2023 marks a turning point for the Domaine. There are now 10 gîtes spread across the property, two function rooms, an outdoor swimming pool and a host of facilities awaiting guests. For the team and the Dumas family, it's now time for finishing touches and improvements.
Là on est sur du Domaine de qualité.
A dream come true
our values

Preserve, protect

At Domaine de la Fromigère, we are committed to preserving and protecting biodiversity. We firmly believe in our responsibility to the environment around us, and strive to minimize our impact on nature.
‍We favor practices that respect local flora and fauna, encouraging a sustainable ecological balance. From the responsible management of our green spaces to the promotion of biodiversity in our gardens, we are guided by our commitment to preserving the natural wealth of our beautiful region.

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For young and old

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